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Fire protection devices

Zani Antincendio's adventure began in 1970; from the outset, the company specialised in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of systems, equipment, gear and fire protection materialof the highest quality.

The company operates in the marine and land-based sectors, and offers its customers an extensive catalogue with products from the best Italian and international brands, including:

  • fire protection equipment;
  • breathing apparatus and oxygen cylinders;
  • safety equipment for workplaces;
  • smoke, heat and flame detectors and alarms;
  • passive fire protection;
  • protective clothing;
  • fire doors as laid down by law;
  • certified fire extinguishers;

and many other specific items for this sector, to facilitate the prevention of fires and facilitate their identification, handling and extinguishing.

Fire protection materials in the land-based sector

Zani also offers construction companies, individuals, companies, professionals and public entities a vast catalogue of fireproof materials and specific equipment for buildings, in order to ensure safety both on the construction site and inside and outside completed buildings, whether they are private homes, offices, public offices, business premises, factories, manufacturing facilities, apartment buildings, residential complexes, shops, shopping centres, and so on.

Fire protection materials in the marine sector

When at sea, on ships and boats of any type, fire prevention is of double importance.

For this reason, Zani's specialists offer a specific consultancy service for the marine sector to help customers identify the most suitable items and equipment for marine use, with many modern and advanced solutions for use on vessels, ships, yachts and boats.

By clicking here you can find more details about products dedicated mainly to the marine and marine sector.

Quotes for the supply of fire protection material

For contacting the Livorno-based Zani Antincendio, you can:

The company is one of the most renowned leading companies in the sector, not only in Tuscany and throughout Italy, but also in the entire European market and in international markets.


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