Fire protection in Tuscany,
throughout Italy and abroad

Where to find Zani Antincendio

Zani Antincendio is one of the leading companies in the fire protection sector, not only in Tuscany but also in the rest of Italy and abroad.

The company's headquarters are in Via Provinciale Pisana 470 in the industrial area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLivorno (LI), and it also deals with:

  • repair of fire protection systems;
  • recharging and support for fire extinguishers;
  • servicing and inspection of fire protection systems;
  • supply of land-based and marine fire protection systems.

To request Zani Antincendio support, just contact the company's headquarters; all the details are in the contacts section, easily reached by clicking here .

The exact address of Zani Antincendio can be found with the help of the interactive and navigable map to the right.

Zani Antincendio

Via Provinciale Pisana 470 - 57121 Livorno (LI)

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