Land-based safety devices

Soluzioni terrestri per la sicurezza

Safety equipment

For safety and fire protection needs on land, Zani Antincendio proposes several solutions designed and manufactured specifically for use in companies, factories, industrial plants, offices, public buildings and private homes.

Naturally, the Zani catalogue includes a wide range of:

  • safety devices;
  • wall hydrants;
  • fire alarms;
  • wall hoses;
  • safety equipment and PPE;
  • hard hats and protective goggles.

Thanks to the completeness and reliability of the services proposed, over the course of more than forty years of activity, Zani Antincendio has become a leading company in Italy and around the world. For information and quotes, simply contact the company offices located in the industrial area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLivorno.


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